Wednesday, 13 June 2007


  • I'll be aiming to post every day, but won't any more often. If I write more than one a day, as I hope, they'll go to a buffer for times when I'm busier with other things.
  • I'll be posting mp3s, but not of the versisons of songs which are readily available on albums. If you're really interested in a song then you might want to email d e l e t e a s a p p r o p r i a t e [ at ] g m a i l [ dot ] c o m ;)
  • I'll be doing YouTube links too, which will take care of the singles at least.
  • The order of posts will be determined by a combination of iTunes' random function and whatever I feel like writing about each day. I might do all of Science & Nature bar "Keep The Home Fires Burning" in a row, just because. And I'm saving a few songs that I'm most relish ing writing about til later on.
  • Unless they release any new material surprisingly soon, you have 111 song entries to look forward to. Which is a pretty cool number.