Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Serenity Now

As long as it isn't a forgone conclusion for the chorus repeat, there's always something quite satisfying about the moment when a song's title comes up in its lyrics. It can be like a really small but clever puzzle being solved, the more unlikely the better.

Take the Seinfeld-referencing "Serenity Now", which eventually pops up at the end of the chorus:

'Deep down, everybody you meet wants to knock your teeth out,
Cos you're an ally of corruption and obscenity,
You're an enemy of reason and serenity now'

The moment isn't much in itself, but lends a certain closing ring to a memorable chorus (and song) that harks back all the way to "Marblehead Johnson" in its tense rumble. And small but perfectly formed sums up "Serenity Now" rather well.