Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Bluetones Big Score

'Out in the clear,
It's safe when you're near,
Your cool is contagious.

Pour one for me,
That sweet daiquiri
Goes down like a dream.'

That label at the botton of the post says The Singles, not Singles, because the apostrophe deficient "The Bluetones Big Score" was one of the three bonus tracks at the end of their 2002 singles collection. And that's probably the right place for it, because it's difficult to imagine it comfotably fitting into any album, but it would be a shame to relegate to B-side status a song that's an interesting departure and slips down as easily as that daiquiri.

Just under four minutes of pure escapism, "The Bluetones Big Score" is two parts Beach Boys lushness to three parts '70s cop show funk, imagining a life on the run from 'Johnny Law' in the American sunshine with a broad smile and a wink. As if its tone wasn't enough to make the total lack of any peril clear, its triumphant climax being 'no one's gonna touch us cos we're innocent' charmingly lets slip that this is never going to more than an idle fantasy. Just the thing for lazy summer days.


Chris Brown said...

I don't have a lot to add, but I wanted to agree that this is one of their most underrated tracks. And fits very well as an ending too - if they'd stopped at this point it would have been a good way to bow out.

Iain F said...

But not half as good as "Never Going Nowhere"! I'll get onto that later in more detail, obviously ;)