Friday, 29 June 2007

Colorado Beetle

Yesterday's YouTube link for "Carn't Be Trusted" featured the 'tones using the first half of "Colorado Beetle" as its intro, so it makes sense to cover this song next. They presumably did so as the two have an awful lot in common thematically if not musically, both touching on betrayal and intially disguising their true cruel sentiments, although "Colorado Beetle" takes things that bit further.

It's a cute acoustic ditty with a lovestruck opening croon - 'I shan't close my eyes tonight, I'm gonna look at you instead...', except that, ah, of course, '...and when at last you sleep my love, I'm gonna smash your lying head'. That this line is sung more sweetly than anything else in the song makes it all the more disconcerting on first listen, although the fact that the track's title compares his love to a potato destroying pest serves as a bit of a clue to anyone who knows their chrysomelidae. The violence is saved from unpalatability by clearly being an emtpy threat - the regretful, heartfelt chorus of 'Colorado Beetle, I fell for you' is more genuine than anything else around it and all of the angry, twisted words of the rest of the song are just futile attempts to reverse that one immutable feeling.

Ok, it makes sense that this is the B-side rather than "Carn't Be Trusted" since despite the usual excellent guitar trickery it palls a little by the end of its four minutes, but it still packs quite a punch.

mp3: Colorado Beetle

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