Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Woman In Love

The opening two seconds of this cover from the "After Hours" single seems to say a lot. The descending tinkling chimes introduction is a trick much beloved of overblown ballads and a sound that has surely rarely appeared on any record with pretence of credibility. It also isn't present in the Barbra Streisand original.
And indeed this isn't the common thing of an indie band taking a pop record, stripping it down and drawing out the inherant serious emotion that surely no one would have realised was there all along (suuure). But improbably, nor does it exactly turn out to be a larger than life pisstake, exaggerated to silliness. No, for good or bad it's just like the original, but a smidgeon more camp.

YouTube: Original


Chris Brown said...

It's summed up so well in the original post that I can't find much to add, but I wanted to post to underline how impressed I was by this cover. Also because of my massive ego.

Iain F said...

Comments are always welcome! Thanks for continuing to read :)

Anonymous said...